RERF Application

Iowa Restaurant Employee Relief Fund

Apply For Aid

The Iowa Restaurant Association, through its 501c3 Education Foundation (the IRAEF), has formed the Iowa Restaurant Employee Relief Fund to help Iowa restaurant industry employees experiencing incredible hardship from a decrease in wages or loss of employment due to the mandatory suspension of dine-in service or complete closure of Iowa restaurants and bars.

  • Each approved grant is $250 one per person only

Grants will be awarded as soon as possible to those individuals who meet the prescribed eligibility criteria, as reviewed, and verified by the Iowa Restaurant Association Education Foundation. Subject to the availability of funds contributed to the Relief Fund, a one-time grant of $250 will be disbursed directly to the applicant.

Your Eligibility

Who Should Apply To Receive Funds?

To qualify for a one-time grantmust meet the following requirements:

  • Complete the On-line Application Form
  • Had been a full-time primary occupation: (minimum of 30 hours total per week)
  • Had been employed for 3 months or longer
  • Had worked in a hospitality establishment located in Iowa
  • Must submit the last two pay stubs receive
  • Must submit confirmation of filing for unemployment
  • Must submit Venmo Account Information

If approved, we will use Venmo to issue a one-time grant. Funding will be disbursed on a first-come, first-serve basis until funds are depleted. Please provide the phone number, email, etc. that is associated with your account in which you would like to receive funds. We will notify you that you have been chosen to receive funds. If you do not receive a grant because the relief funds have been depleted, and you meet all qualifications, your application will be held and considered in the order received for any potential future distributions.