Legislative Wins

Our Wins Are Your Wins

Places the Iowa Restaurant Association lead or leveraged our influence to impact change for Iowa’s Hospitality Industry

 Secured Significant DRAM Reform

 The IRA drafted and secured changes to the legal standard of liability for alcohol service from, “knew or should have known someone was or would become intoxicated” when served to “directly served a visibly intoxicated person”— decreasing DRAM insurance premiums and risk for hospitality operators across Iowa. 

Won State Level Pre-emption in Key Employment and Packaging Areas

Lead on legislation stopping cities and counties from creating their own minimum wage or tip wage rates, as well as stopping local mandates on paid sick leave or predictive scheduling. Also, stopped local bans on specific packaging products or limiting drink sizes. Iowa’s business playing field is equal for operators regardless of the city or county they operate in.

Won Changes to Driver’s License Program for Those 21+

Worked with partners to get changes to Iowa Driver’s License policy encouraging young Iowans to change their vertical driver’s licenses to a horizontal format within 30 days of their 21st birthdays and making it possible to complete the process online.

Stopped ABD Compliance Officers from becoming designated “Peace Officers,”

Stopped State Mandate to Use Federal E-verify System

The IRA helped slow down state proposed mandates on using the Federal e-verify system for verification of legal work status. The Association supports common sense reform but many operators find the federal system cumbersome, difficult to use and unreliable particularyly those who employ students and minors.

Helped Pass Better Definitions for Franchisee & Franchisors

Passed legislation which ensures franchisees and its employees are not employees of the franchisor from the standpoint of many employment laws.

Pass Better Service Animal Definitions

Worked with partners to distinguish service animals from “comfort animals” and define business owners rights when people abuse definitions.