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Become a Member

The Iowa Restaurant Association (IRA) is the professional association for the restaurant and retail beverage industry in Iowa. The IRA to represents, promotes, protects, educates and advocates for the industry as a whole. Our membership model is based on the belief that large, or small, we want all operators equally vested. Our dues model reflects this by charging a flat rate of $35 per month per establishment—regardless of size. Operators with more than one property pay an additional $15 per month for each additional property. While some opt to pay dues annually, most set up a monthly autopay. Those who take advantage of one or more of our exclusive member programs find that their savings often more than covers the annual cost of membership. 

There is no waiting period for new members to begin using our savings programs. 

To learn more about the way you can put an IRA membership to work for your business contact Director of Marketing and Association Development Stacy Kluesner at 515-276-1454.

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