Member Benefits

Membership Model

The Iowa Restaurant Association (IRA) is the professional association for the restaurant and retail beverage industry in Iowa. The IRA to represents, promotes, protects, educates and advocates for the industry as a whole.  Our membership model is based on the belief that large, or small, we want all operators equally vested.  Our dues model reflects this by charging a flat rate of $35 per month per establishment—regardless of size.  Operators with more than one property pay an additional $15 per month for each additional property.  While some opt to pay dues annually, most set up a monthly autopay.  Those who take advantage of one or more of our exclusive member programs find that their savings often more than covers the annual cost of membership.  


Become a Member

Training and Education

  • $50 per student ServSafe Discount – the leading course to meet the Food Code’s   “certified food protection manager” requirement. Honored at the IRA office & ISU Extension offices.
  • $15 per student ServSafe Alcohol Discount – responsible alcohol service training developed by the hospitality industry for the hospitality industry
  • Group pricing for on-site Guest Service Gold Customer Service Certification Training
  • Discounted tickets to Seminars and Vendor Displays on Latest Trends and 
  • Innovations at the Iowa Hospitality Expo
  • Free ticket to the National Restaurant Association Show.

Exclusive Discounts

  • Free dual membership with the National Restaurant Association
  • Access to the National Restaurant Association Small Business Health Insurance Program
  • Guaranteed 10% discount on BMI music licensing with ability to save up to 20%
  • Rebate program for worker’s compensation insurance 
  • Guaranteed 5% savings on natural gas and other energy cost savings programs
  • Other “better than street” member exclusive discounts 


  • Promote your business on the golf course at the Annual Duffers, Diners & Drives Golf Classic or spend the day golfing, enjoying samples with industry colleagues
  • Influence lawmakers at the annual Iowa Restaurant Day at the Capitol
  • Join us at one of our culinary events across the state

News and Information

  • Complimentary subscription to Food and Beverage Iowa Business Quarterly
  • State and Federal Legislative Alerts letting you know who to contact (member of Congress, state legislator, regulatory body, or state agency) and on what pending action. 
  • Complimentary 12-month subscription to Restaurant Startup & Growth Magazine
  • Regulatory Updates that Impact Your Business

Industry Promotions

With more than 6,000 eating and drinking establishments employing 155,500 people, Iowa’s hospitality industry has plenty to celebrate.  We honor members of our industry through:

  • Stars of Hospitality celebrating 20+ years at the same establishment 
  • Annual Statewide Culinary Competition 
  • State Mixology Championships
  • Celebrating Excellence – Recognizing our Restaurateur, Chef, Employee, Emerging Leader and Purveyor of the Year
  • Restaurant Neighbor Philanthropy Award
  • American Dream Award 
  • 40 Women to Watch in Hospitality Annual List
  • Iowa State Fair Professional Chef’s Competition

To learn more about the way you can put an IRA membership to work for your business contact Director of Marketing and Association Development Stacy Kluesner at 515-276-1454.


“The real dollar value of a restaurant association far exceeds the cost of dues, even if you only consider the lobbying and representation, which is not available from any other source.”

–Restaurant Startup & Growth Magazine