Member Benefits

Become a Member Becoming part of the Iowa Restaurant Association is among the best investments you can make in your business.  Membership nets you:
  • Representation in all levels of government
  • Nationally recognized training and education programs
  • Dual membership in the National Restaurant Association
  • Access to invaluable industry resources and contacts
  • Exclusive discount programs
  • Member resource CD which contains templates for job descriptions, employee handbooks, critical food code information and more!
To learn more about the way you can put an IRA membership to work for your business contact Director of Marketing and Association Development Stacy Kluesner at 515-276-1454. Not a member? Join Now! “The real dollar value of a restaurant association far exceeds the cost of dues, even if you only consider the lobbying and representation, which is not available from any other source.” –Restaurant Startup & Growth Magazine restaurant_resources_B3F75E2973E3C