CBD in Foods & Beverages

In Iowa CBD and THC in all Forms Prohibited in Use of Food and Beverages

CBD and cannabis-infused food topped the list of hot concepts on the 2019 National Restaurant Association “What’s Hot in 2019” chef survey.  The same survey put cannabis/CBD-infused drinks at the top of the non-alcoholic beverage trends list as well.  But Iowa hospitality establishments cannot capitalize on these trends– neither is legal in the state of Iowa. The recent popularity of THC and CBD, substances extracted from the plants of the genus Cannabis, has led to inquiries to the Association, as well as state agencies, regarding the legality of these substances in food and beverages products. The use of THC and CBD is restricted in Iowa.  Both the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals and the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division have issued statements clearly spelling out that use of CBD in any form for food or beverages is prohibited by law and that operators who have food or beverages with the presence of either will be subject to penalties.

For more information see both Agencies the Regulatory Notices issued in May 2019.

DIA CBD in Food Notice

ABD CBD in Beverages Notice