About Us

The Iowa Restaurant Industry

Iowa’s Restaurant and Beverage Industry is an integral part of the state’s economy. The state’s more than 6,000 eating and drinking establishments project annual sales of more than $4.4 billion in 2017.

Iowa’s restaurant and beverage industry is the second largest private sector employer in the state with more than 153,700 employees.

The Iowa Restaurant Association

The Iowa Restaurant Association promotes, protects, educates and advocates for the restaurant and tavern industries in the state of Iowa through:

  • Advocacy and Representation
  • Restaurant-Specific Programs and Services
  • Training, Promotional and Networking Opportunities
  • Partnerships with High School and Post-Secondary Industry Education Programs
  • Competitions and Recognition Programs

The IRA is the state affiliate of the National Restaurant Association, as such, state members receive dual membership in both organizations.

Mission Statement

The Iowa Restaurant Association (IRA) is the professional association for the restaurant and retail beverage industry in Iowa. The IRA works to represent, promote, protect, educate and advocate for the industry as a whole.