ServSafe Alcohol

New ServSafe Alcohol® Responsible Service Training Courses Available! Every day, your staff makes crucial decisions that put responsible alcohol service to the test. Ensure that every employee is making the correct and lawful decisions that protect themselves and your business through ServSafe Alcohol® Responsible Service training. What Does The ServSafe Alcohol® Responsible Service Training Curriculum Cover? The ServSafe Alcohol® Responsible Service Training curriculum covers a variety of issues employees encounter on a regular basis and equips them to handle the situations safely and legally. The course is divided into four key sections:
  • Alcohol law and liability
  • Checking identification and spotting frauds
  • Recognizing and preventing intoxication, and
  • Handling difficult situations
Bring The Classes To You! The Iowa Restaurant Association will come to your establishment to train your entire staff. A 15 person minimum is required in order to host a class. We highly encourage you to collaborate with neighboring businesses to train as many employees as possible in an effort to keep your community safe.
  • $40 per person for members of the Iowa Restaurant Association
  • $75 per person for nonmembers of the Iowa Restaurant Association
  • 15 person minimum for on-site classes.
Why ServSafe Alcohol® Responsible Service Training? Knowledgeable, responsible alcohol service is a priority for every operation. That’s why the creators of the ServSafe Alcohol® Responsible Service Training program teamed up with experts in the beverage, food service, medical, insurance, legal, academic and regulatory industries to develop a comprehensive program. Your front-of-house staff will learn to effectively and safely handle difficult situations through certified training materials which reflect real world experiences and practical approaches. Schedule Your Class Today! Contact the Iowa Restaurant Association today to schedule a training at your location 515-276-1454 or